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Noises From Brum

Noises From Brum
But Two Came By
Fairport Convention
Liege and Lief
Full House
Angel Delight

1960 -- Dave Swarbrick (fiddle and mandola) Joins the group
1966 -- Swarb departs the line-up after 6 years and 7 albums

Brum Beat site
a personal memoir by
Graham Pallot

Spot Swarb (click for larger image)
CEILIDH at the Crown. 1962 TOPIC 76 EP

lots of words here (click for larger image)
Songs Of Protest. 1962 TOPIC 82 EP

Swarb's here too (click for larger image)
This is The Ian Campbell Folk Group. 1963 TRA 1110b LP

The Ian Campbell Folk Group [click for larger]
The Ian Campbell Folk Group. 1964 Decca DFE 8592 EP

There's Swarb! (click for larger image)
Across The Hills. 1964 TRA 118 LP

Swarb on a slag heap (click for larger image)
Coaldust Ballads. 1965 TRA 123 LP

mandolin for a change (click for larger image)
Contemporary Campbell's. 1966 TRA 137 LP

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